Are we seriously going to let Kotaku as a news source carry on causing controversy and offence, then pretending it doesn't matter and hasn't happened? I for one was physically sickened by the article created by Patricia Hernadez in which she weighed in an issue that some of the readers found to be a distressing issue. She accuses Max Temkin of responding poorly to an accusation of rape made against him.

"This post [is] about how poorly Max Temkin responded to an accusation of rape".

This for me set off the warning bells that would gradually turn into nausea as I progressed through the article. I realised quite quickly that this woman was writing with zero thought that she might further cause distress to Mr Temkin, who is at this present time AN INNOCENT MAN. I ask any man, to put himself in the shoes of that guy. Imagine the damage reading Patricia's article could do to an already heavily hit mental state. It's the kind of psychological bombardment that can lead people to taking their own life. I don't think I could stomach it. It is internet bullying at its most acute and horrific, based solely on hearsay.

She goes on to say;

"Now, there's a lot about this paragraph that is kind of gross."

in relation to him talking about rape culture. I have to admit, I am no expert on that, but she seems to be asking for an essay FROM A MAN PUBLICLY ACCUSED ON THE INTERNET OF RAPE. I can't abide this. Especially when she then says "Temkin sets an example for the community, but he's not willing to really contemplate the possibility he might've messed up". I'm sorry, but who the hell are you to judge Patricia? Were you there? Do you know both parties other than from reading? He might not have done ANYTHING AT ALL.


In the update we have "Discussion about this piece has turned into an argument about whether Max Temkin has a right defend himself, especially if he is wrongly accused. Of course he does, and I never meant to imply that he does not."

She then continues this horrific article in the comments ;

"Like I said, we can't know. He can't prove that. Neither can she. But statistically, 1-8% of accusations turn out to be false."

That to me is the callous comment of someone who has already made up their mind, and will help foster further persecution of the Mr Temkin.


This kind of writing cannot and should be tolerated. As a reader I am so shocked at the blatant inability to address a subject that has caused so much of it readership anger and distress, that I can no longer support Kotaku and have unfollowed and unliked it on Facebook.

This is a videogame community, not a battleground to wage war and cause a break in harmony. We should be coming together in our love of the medium, and not fractured by the personal beliefs of a small group of irresponsible people.

While I agree sometimes you can blur the lines on what should constitute a Kotaku article, bigotry and personal prejudice should not factor in. I can only hope that the editors take a long hard look and set some new ground rules.